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Topline Equine is a step above your average equine advertising website, with over 35 years of experience in almost every riding discipline from Racehorses, different English and Western riding disciplines to breeding our own Top of the Line, quality horses. We know what to look for when we carefully hand pick the type of horses we want to represent, correct conformation for the breed of horse, quality breeding, having the ability to excel in their discipline, sane and sound. We do the same when it comes to advertising tack for a seller, we make sure it’s a quality piece of tack made by a quality brand and is in good to excellent condition. You will not find old halters, lead lines etc. on our site, our site is all about Quality in every aspect right down to customer service being our number one priority!
Topline Equine Advertisements has partnered with Horseclicks.com and several other equine advertising sites, meaning any advertisements you place with us through us will automatically be advertised on the front page  all month of our website, Horseclicks.com, both our business Facebook pages, Our YouTube channel, IG and several other equine websites we are working with. Advertising on our site will cost you the same as it would on any other site but you will get 5X the exposure because of the partner sites we advertise with, resulting in a quicker sale for you and a happy client for us. You can’t beat that kind of deal!
When it comes to advertising boarding facilities, the facility must be up to a certain standard. We advertise all types of boarding stables, some are strictly show barns for a certain riding discipline and others are for your every day rider that wants to enjoy their horse and just have fun. Regardless of what type of barn it is or riding discipline it was designed for you can be sure if it’s listed on our site it will be a quality facility that I would board my own horses at. As far as advertising for trainers/training I make sure they have all their credentials if their state requires them to obtain credentials in order to be training and giving lessons. If their state doesn’t require any certifications I do my best to make sure they have a certain amount of years of training under their belts, get references from past client’s and speak with them extensively so that I can hear their knowledge with my own ears.
TopLine Equine is a woman ( mom) owned business that knows the importance of finding the right horse/tack/boarding facility and trainer to fit all your needs and disciplines. TopLine Equine was started to ease the sale and search of horses and anything equestrian related for sellers and buyers so no more going to your local feed store skimming the bulletin board for Sale Horses, stopping in at your local barns to see what they have available as far as boarding or sale horses, combing the classifieds for used tack or asking around about qualified trainers. We do all the work for you, all you have to do is sit back and either watch your sale advertisement get sold or start looking for your next horse to take your adventure on, tack to show off in the arena, barn to feel at home at with your horse(s) or trainer to get you and your horse to the winners circle, having fun on the trails or just improving you and your horses riding skills as partners.
We have made Registering and Creating Ads as simple as possible so even the non-computer savvy people can create their advertisements . It’s quick and simple! If you’d like to get an idea of the type of high quality advertisements we represent you can look at our current sales page, our tack shop, Boarding Facilities or training page. I chose the name TOPLINE as no matter what type of advertisements I represent they must be top of the line.
We also have a breeding  Stallions page of stallion’s we have hand picked according to their quality, bloodlines and proven earners so our client’s can find everything in one place or create their own Top of the line horse themselves!
Once you see the type of advertisements TopLine Equine represents you will want to register right away and start advertising or shopping! Customer service is our #1 priority, we work closely with every buyer & seller to make sure they find exactly what they need and if we don’t have what they need at the moment we keep in contact to let them know when something pop’s up. Our goal is to portray our client’s advertisements in the best possible light and make sure potential buyers are happy with their purchase and that it’s a perfect fit all around. If you have any questions about advertisements or purchases please feel free to email info@toplineequine.net.


Our goal is to provide as much exposure as possible for your advertisements to result in a quick, easy sale for our clients without compromising our quality of standards. We also have a Stallion’s page where we hand pick quality proven stallions for our client’s to find quality stallions easily so they can create their own TopLine horse!

Auctions for Quality Horses of All Disciplines



To create any type of ad you must first REGISTER and create an account, once you do this you will be able to login and create a sales ad. As we only represent quality your ad will be listed to the public once approved.

As a buyer you may start looking at horses or tack to purchase, if you decide to make a purchase you must then register first. TopLine Equine, LLC reserves the right to reject any sellers or buyers for any reason.

Please review our Policies, Terms & Conditions HERE before registering.


In order to advertise with TopLine Equine, LLC you must REGISTER TO SELL, by doing this you are bound by TopLine Equine, LLC’s Terms & Conditions. When you register to sell you’ll fill in our registration form along with all your sales advertisements description, pictures and YouTube links for review. 

TopLine Equine charges $35 a month for your sales advertisement to be listed on the front page of our website, our new partner site Horseclicks.com, our Facebook Pages, Instagram, YouTube and several other equine sale sites we work with. Your sales advertisement will get more exposure through TopLine Equine than any other equine sales advertising site because of all the sites we advertise on, including our own site.

By doing this, your sale advertisement will get triple the exposure than anywhere else resulting in a quicker sale for you!


Anyone is free to search our advertisements, if you decide to make a purchase on a horse or tack you must first REGISTER. Once you submit your registration form you will then be able to create a username and password and make purchases. 

If you find a horse or piece of tack you are more than welcome to contact the seller with any questions or concerns. If you would like to test ride a horse or saddle you would contact the seller to set up an appointment.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience!!


Once you have registered and logged in with TopLine Equine, LLC you may review and save any horses or tack that you may be interested in purchasing to your account. If you decide to purchase a specific horse we recommend a Pre-Purchase Exam along with radiographs to be sure of the horses soundness. Once you have decided to purchase a particular horse, payment will be issued directly to the seller. While waiting for payment to clear the buyer may start making transport arrangements with seller if needed.

If you purchase any tack please ask for a tracking number from the seller so you can keep up with the shipping of your item.

Auctions for Quality Horses of All Disciplines


Advertising for Quality Equestrians


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Auctions for Quality Horses of All Disciplines
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