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Topline Equine is a step above your average equine advertising website, with over 35 years of experience in almost every riding discipline we know what to look for when it comes to the type of quality horses we represent. We do the same when it comes to advertising tack for a seller, we make sure it’s a quality piece of tack made by a quality brand and is in good to excellent condition. We advertise boarding facilities that are top of the line and the trainers we represent must meet a certain standard also. When equestrians are looking for something equine related that’s high quality to either advertise or purchase, they know TopLine Equine is the place to go to find it. We work personally with every client to make sure their advertisement is portrayed in the best light or to help a client find exactly what they are looking for. Our clients happiness is our #1 priority. TopLine Equine Advertising is all about Quality in every aspect. The fact that we choose Quality over Quantity is just one thing that seperates us from other sites, the other is the multiple platforms we use to to list your advertisements.

Auctions for Quality Horses of All Disciplines

Topline Equine Advertisements has partnered with Horseclicks.com meaning any advertisements you place through us will automatically be advertised on our site, the front page all month on Horseclicks, both our business Facebook pages, our YouTube channel, Instagram and several other equine sites we are working with. Advertising on our site will cost you the same as it would on any other site but you will get 5X the exposure than if you advertised on another site that only lists your ad on their site. There is not an equine advertising site out there that can compete with our prices, our customer service and the multitude of platforms that come along with our advertising!!


Advertising with TopLine

To create any type of ad you may contact Fallon Thomas at info@toplineequine.net and let us manually do it for you or you may create your own sales ad under CREATE AN AD and we will approve it, contact you for any additional information if needed and go over prices and advertising packages. As we only represent quality your ad will be listed to the public once approved.

TopLine Equine, LLC reserves the right to reject any sellers or buyers for any reason.

Please review our Policies, Terms & Conditions HERE before registering.


Once you’ve created your advertisement along with the description, pictures and YouTube links for review you will receive a confirmation email from TopLine Equine confirming your ads approval.

TopLine Equine has different monthly plans depending on what your advertising, we recommend contacting us first through our email Info@toplineequine.net for more info. Your advertisement will be listed on the front page ALL month of the following websites including our own, both our Facebook Pages along with any groups that perain to your ad, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, our YouTube Channel, Pinterest and several other equine sale sites we work with. Your advertisement will get more exposure through TopLine Equine than any other equine sales advertising site GUARANTEED because of our unique style of advertising and the multitude of platforms we use! That’s what seperates us from other equine advertising sites, along with we only accept QUALITY on our site!

By advertising with TopLine Equine your advertisement will get 5X the exposure than anywhere else resulting in more satisfied equestrians in the equine world!


Anyone is free to search our advertisements, If you find an advertisement that you would like more information on you are more than welcome to contact the advertisee directly with any questions. If you would like to test ride a horse or saddle, visit a boarding facility or meet a trainer in person all you have to do is contact the advertisee to set up an appointment.

If you are interested in any of our tack advertised for sale you would also contact the advertisee directly to discuss any questions, purchasing options and shipping as TopLine is simply the advertising company that brings equestrians together.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience!! We know you’ll find something you’ll love!


If you decide to purchase a horse we recommend a Pre-Purchase Exam along with radiographs to be sure of the horses soundness. Once you have decided to make any purchases, payment will be issued directly to the seller. While waiting for payment to clear the buyer may start making transport arrangements with seller if needed. If you are interested in purchasing a piece of tack from TopLine’s tack shop you may contact the seller directly to set up payment and shipping information.

If you purchase any tack please ask for a tracking number from the seller so you can keep up with the shipping of your item.
Any Boarding Facilities/Trainers/Breeding Stallions or Equine Transport Companies you are interested in you will set up any arrangements directly with them also. All advertisements on TopLine Equine have the contact info of the advertisee listed directly in their ad for easy connection. TopLine is simply the advertising company to connect equestrians together.

Auctions for Quality Horses of All Disciplines



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Auctions for Quality Horses of All Disciplines
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