Please fill out the following create a tack ad form on this page for approval as equine items needs to be in good to excellent condition, we accept English and Western style tack. 

Please enter all relevant information pertaining to your Tack advertisement form. Please make sure when listing your item to put the brand, size and any other important details in the description. Make sure pictures of the sale item are clear and accurate, you want to take pictures of your sale item that are easily visible to potential buyers. If your tack item has ANY flaws make sure to list in the description and take a picture of the flaw.  If the client purchases a tack item from you and there is a major flaw that you did not list in your advertisement the client has the right to return the item so make sure you check your tack carefully. Once you’ve submitted the form below we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss creating your ad and payment options.

Your tack advertisement will be listed on our website, both our Facebook pages and all groups that pertain to tack for sale weekly, YouTube, IG and several other equine advertising sites we work with.  Because your tack advertisement will be listed on our partner websites it will get ultimate exposure to a variety of interested buyers resulting in a faster sale. Our goal is to get your sale advertisement as much exposure as possible and we will work hard to do so. Thank you for advertising with TopLine Equine! Give us a call to discuss pricing and different advertising packages.